Sept 14 Article

Crematory issue is growing concern among Tucker community

Editor, the Forum:

Gwinnett County residents in Tucker and Lilburn came out in the hundreds for last week’s Planning Commission meeting to protest the addition of a Crematory to the Bill Head Funeral Home at 6101 Lawrenceville Highway.

Representing Mr. Head was Gerald Davidson, who drew contempt from the crowd when he made the statement that crematories are safe. One person from an adjacent neighborhood yelled “You’re lying! How much did they pay you to say these lies? ”

Bill Head is under the mistaken impression that his proposed addition would only affect at most seven homes. Actually the number of concerned residents is closer to 500, and many of them have mortgages on average $250,000, bought before the economic collapse.

In addition, they are a multi-cultural mix of Asians, Muslims, Hindu, Hispanic, black and white. Our personal beliefs are varied, but we all agree on one thing: no crematory in our neighborhood.

Our large Asian presence is offended by what they consider to be disrespect for the dead, to release the spirit in a place of unrest. Muslims do not allow cremation, and do not want to be near one. For Hindus, cremation is a sacred ritual that must be performed a certain way.

Catholics traditionally do not cremate, and many Christians are against it. And, of course, none of us want to make that choice unavailable for those who want it. Our main concern is that toxic emissions from the crematory will hurt our health and our investments in our homes. We want stricter regulations and enforcement of the laws currently in place.

Tuesday night the planning commission moved to table the vote until November 3, to allow the members of the panel to research the data presented by the opposition. To learn more visit WWW.NOCREMATORY.COM.

— Tia Severino, Tucker

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