Mysterious change on SOS website


Very interestingly, the request for information on the specific Crematory license CREM000039  that the Secretary of State just last week gave us a written statement about, which reads they “have conducted a diligent search” of their database and they have “no record of a licensee at 5005 Hwy 29 in Lilburn,”  same license # that was associated with 6101 Lawrenceville Hwy in Tucker, today shows up in their system with the 5005 Hwy 29 address.

Isn’t this odd?

Not sure what it means … but the original question remains: if everything is kosher in Lilburn, why not let the public know? Should anyone be concerned about the apparent fire hazards associated with an older Crematory housed secretly in a small, poorly ventilated room in the back of a business that is filled with rolls of carpet, two  bays for cutting tile and granite (producing dust which is highly flammable) The building which has a lot of overgrown trees and vegetation hanging right over where the smokestack comes out of the roof – a stack which appears to have been modified,  shortened possibly to conceal it  from the front view of the building. This location is surrounded by residences – the nearest  house is less than 25 feet from the crematory itself.

Look again at the picture below:
See the two windows? That lower one is 2’x2′ and the one above is about 1’x1′ with a tiny fan – and that is it for ventilation – unless you consider the stack ventilation. See the trees? Compare to the aerial view – this thing could go up like a tinder box.

Let’s compare crematories, Shall we?? There are a few nearby we can compare …


Lilburn crematory birds eye
Lilburn crematory birds eye
RT Patterson Crematory backside

RT Patterson Crematory backside


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