Anderson, SC

A proposed crematorium in the City of Anderson, South Carolina sparked an ongoing debate over mercury emissions.  Mercury emissions from crematoria reach concentrations in excess of coal burning power plants.  This results from the sudden release of all mercury approximately 40 minutes into a cycle.  High concentrations of mercury vapor in a residential setting are an unacceptable risk to public health.  City councils and funeral directors lack the training to properly evaluate environmental exposure risks. At this time, there are zero emission regulations placed on crematoria by the EPA. Uninformed funeral home owners often use this lack of regulation to imply safety.  EPA’s current position states that they are not legally authorized to regulate crematoria under the Clean Air Act.  The EPA defers regulation to state agencies who often lack the specialized equipment necessary to conduct mercury emissions studies.

Neighborhood groups across five states have combined efforts to seek a solution.

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2 Responses to Anderson, SC

  1. Nanci Gregg says:

    What has happened to the Mercury Watchdog group? We need help in Spring Hill TN.

  2. maritand says:

    Hello, we have a same big issue in a small village located in the north of Italy. Bovolenta. The council wants to develop 2 crematories (one for sapiens, one for animals and medical waste) at less than a kilometer from the 3 schools of the village.
    Could you help us to improve visibility of our problem? Some suggestions?
    See (developing)
    Thank you David

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