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No Crematory In Valley Station, Kentucky
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Valley Station, Kentucky is a neighborhood within the city limits of Louisville. The population is about 23,000. Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky. Recently there was an approval for a crematory operation right in the downtown district of the neighborhood. Crematories emit harmful toxins and pollutants into the surrounding environment. “No Crematory In Valley Station, Kentucky” is an opposition group against crematory operations near populated areas or around residential and commercial zones that see alot of daily activity.

Article about the approval of a crematory in Valley Station, KY

Crematory Soon To Be Operating In Valley Station, Kentucky

A crematory will soon be operating in downtown Valley Station, Kentucky. It is going to be right next to Valley High School on Dixie Highway. A crematory is a place where dead people are burned up into ashes. This particular crematory will be a hub for all of the Louisville area Newcomer Funeral Home Corporation branches. This means that close to 4 bodies will be burned up daily equaling to about 1,500 bodies cremated per year. Other funeral homes affiliated with Newcomer will be invited to cremate their corpses at this location as well. This is disturbing because it has been proven around the world that human corpse incinerators (crematories) emit toxins and hazardous pollutants into the atmosphere. A toxin is a poisonous substance produced within living cells or organisms. Hazardous pollutants are chemicals that are known, or suspected, to cause cancer or other serious health effects. Some of the most dangerous hazardous pollutants that crematories emit are mercury and dioxins. There is also other toxins and pollutants that will affect the surrounding air quality. The crematory will be operating within 30 feet of a high school property line. It will also be very close to businesses and restaurants that many people visit frequently. These businesses and restaurants will be directly downwind of the crematory emissions. This pollution will go right into their ventilation systems and poison the air of surrounding communities as well. The smoke will fall onto nearby structures and land. There is also other dangers to be aware of like rain, sewer, and soil contamination.
Some of the residents fought the crematory proposal by presenting information to the Louisville Board of Zoning Adjustment (BOZA). Much of this information was about the dangers of crematories to overall health and surrounding environment. There was also concerns about the current buffer zone law being inadequate for keeping crematories away from highly populated areas, like Valley Station. The residents also showed substantial evidence, including statements from EPA engineers and Air Pollution Control employees, that proved a test used by Newcomer to show their crematory has no emissions was inaccurate. It actually only tested for carbon monoxide pollution, carbon dioxide/oxygen concentrations, and smoke stack visibility. Basically, this means there was no toxins or hazardous pollutants even tested at all! The methods used by the test are similar to checking a gas furnace or stove in your home to make sure it is operating properly.
The opposition also noted that Europe has mandated filters ($500,000 each) for all of their crematories due to the pollution being emitted. No crematory in the United States has these filters because there is no strict requirements like in Europe. The closest thing the United States has is called baghouse filters for collecting dust. Newcomer’s crematory unit will not have any filters in their smoke stack at all. They are relying on the crematory unit to provide temperature controlling levels and a secondary chamber to bring the body to ashes. These temperatures are well above the melting points for toxins and hazardous pollutants. Toxins from crematory emissions are odorless and not visible. Mercury itself is very tough to analyze because it becomes a vapor when burned. Dioxins and heavy metals are even more dangerous than mercury to people living near a crematory. A crematory unit is cleaned by using pressurized water, cleaning agents, and scrubbers. This contaminated water goes down a sewer drain and into the surrounding soil causing even more problems.

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