Oahu, Hawaii

I live on Oahu in the state of Hawaii in a residential area with a crematorium. In spite of trying to work with the State Depart of Health to try to control their emissions, they continue to emit smoke and gases that permeate our home and the surrounding neighborhood. We are trying to get two bills passed. One is to require a permit for operation. This is the only crematorium on our island that is not required to have a permit since they were in operation before 1972, and therefore, are grandfathered. Yet, this is the only crematorium that is situated in a heavily populated residential area….and they handle 50 percent of all of the cremations on this island. The second bill states that the director of the Dept of Health shall establish ambient air quality standards specifically for crematories….

If you have anything or know of anything that can help us in our fight for clean air, please let us know. Thank you so very much – (Name Withheld)

Video of smoke from crematory in Oahu, HI

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  1. We submitted 500 pages of scientific information to the State of TN to try to stop the crematorium in Spring Hill, TN (a Nashville suburb) from being built. They found some zoning loop holes and it was built within 5 miles of most of the population of Spring Hill but I have never seen smoke like that coming from it & I live in the neighorhood nearest to it. You should try going to the EPA for their air quality permit. HDEC (Hawaii Dept of Environment and Conservation) They are the ones who give out the air quality perrmit and they are the ones who can take it away. Get your video on TV News immediately. Nothing is worse for a company than bad PR. Make sure to tell the tv news how close that it to schools & pre-schools if you can find out the number of children in each school (I submitted that information to TDEC and our Govenor). Also there is a study that was done by the EPA in the State of TX on the number of children in special ed in the schools with autism and the county by county levels of mercury toxins in the air & soil. These should be enough to help you with your continued fight.

    We were able for the 1st time in the State of TN to have this crematorium only be allowed to “burn” between 8 am-5pm monday-saturday. No evenings, nights or Sundays. At night the winds are stronger thus spreading the invisible smoke from her unit (the unit I’m looking at in your video doesn’t look like it meets current standards for emissions).

    Take your video get it on the news, email it to every news person in the state of Hawaii, not just your local news. email it to every congressperson, senator, state representative, the mayor, city administrators, etc. Also get the local PTA’s involved along with every Mommy group to protect the children and also the unborn children. It’s been proven in England that pregnant women who live near a crematorium have miscarriages and more birth defects than women who don’t.

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